Skull Candy presents Intergalactic Whipoff and Great Canadian Scrub Down

CYCLEMOB is expressing mountain biking through arts, culture and events that inspire people. We have want to contribute to a community that has given to us. Our first gathering was on September 29th, 2012 at the Skull Candy Canada and CYCLEMOB present The Intergalactic Whipoff and Great Canadian Scrub Down. Calgary’s first official whip contest. Over 65 of Calgary’s best riders were supporting the whip and walking away with swag from Skull Candy, Kore, Pivot, Leatt, Chromag, Osprey Bags, GoPro, and ESI Grips.

14 year old Max Langile was a double winner on the day. He went beast mode and won Best Trick with a backflip, and Best Whip-Not-Brought-Back.

Gabe Khangyi was the clear winner of Best Grom Whip. He out boosted most of the field and took home prizes and bragging rights. Amplitude!!

Groupies and Swaggerhouse Records legend, The Kobra. Rock da mic.

Sam Finn is making a name racing DH on he BC cup and AB cup circuit. We had to rebuild the lip twice because he was carving so hard into his scrubbgbghgbgh… There is no disputing Sam has Calgary’s Best Scrub!!!

Santa mierda taco tiempo!!!

“Upside down and 90 counts right?” – Rhys Ellis, COP Freeride Team Coach, seeking redemption after the photo above. Rhys, Stephane, Max and Sam’s riding speaks volumes about the talent coming out of Alberta right now.

One-Foot-Table from one of the bmx riders who joined the jam. Where are the other BMXers???

Whip-ocalypse Now!!! With so many riders pushing rear wheels to 90 Stephane Pelletier raised the bar and pushed this one to 100. We like Stephane. This move won him Best Whip.

Left to right. Sam Finn, Ben Pike, and Mike Brothers. All #CYCLEMOB podium for 18-29 DH race. Can you guess which one of the three is nursing a savage hangover? Its not Ben;)

We had double secret category winners walking away with swag. Best Girl Rider, Best Whip-not-brought-back, and Best Grom.  Kristine Wiess won prizes for being the only girl to hit the jump without crashing, hopefully next year we see more girls out there shredding! Max Langile and Gabe Khangyi (top right and bottom left) were stand out youngsters in our eyes. Both had amplitude, style, and flow. We had never seen or heard of Gabe before the WHIPOFF so we were pumped to see an unknown bicycle whipper showing skills. Dan Brothers and Kyle Mckinnon (bottom right), 2nd place Scrub and Whip.

 “Superman” Dan made the trek from a deep prairie grass hole to bring back his signature move. Big ups the “SMD”.  Sam and Dan (both suffering from self induced dehydration…) battled in the scrub arena all day. No doubt in our mind who deserved the best Scrubs. Dan took home prizes for runner up Scrub. Best Whip runner up was the toughest call we had to make. There were at least 10 riders we sent back up for one final lap of the jump. Last jump decided Best Whip runner up. Underdog Kyle “Kmak” Mckinnon took it. Watch the replay closer and his cranks were rotating back to dick-footed-crazy-steeze in an effort to push it that extra mile. Kyle, we saw that.

Mike holding the custom trophies before we announced the winners. Who wouldn’t want to hoist a Gold D3 or a Silver D2 mounted on fork uppers??? Those two kids are pumped.

Best Scrubber, Sam Finn and Best Whipper, Stephane Pelletier. These guys were putting on a clinic all day. Check out their winning moves in the official edit below.

Working with Skull Candy Canada, Kore, Pivot, Leatt, Chromag, Osprey Bags, GoPro, and ESI Grips we are able to bring events like this to Calgary. CYCLEMOB wants to see more people come out and get rad in the future so share this with your friends and help us spread the love!
Add to your address bar, follow us on twitter, and Like CYCLEMOB on Facebook. Want to get involved? EMAIL ( us some sick content and we can put it up on the Blog!!

Sam rules. If you see him, give him high fives.

Special Thanks to Skull Candy Canada for donating over $1000 in prizing and a sound system our Sponsors. These companies donated TONS of swag. Thanks guys!

Skull Candy Canada
Leatt Brace
Chromag Bikes
Osprey Bags
ESI Grips
Kore USA
Pivot Cycles

Thanks to our media partners:

Shane Lockyer

Austin Odegnal

Mike McConnell

Lindsay Donovan



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