Andrew Young, A Year to Celebrate

Andrew Young has been making a name for himself in the Calgary riding scene over the past two years. His “old school” style, work behind the lens, and a positive attitude  have landed him sponsorship from Spank Bikes and Candie Co Clothing. This is a post he wrote up for his Pinkbike blog, recapping his 2012 season.

A Year to Celebrate

Words by Andrew Young.  Photos by Peter Young.

Being a young mountain biker from Calgary AB, I see progression differently than most. My surroundings shape how I ride and encourage me to get creative with what I have. Being an avid filmmaker helps me show this style of riding to everyone and helps represent my true passion for riding a bike.

Suicide Clapper

This past season has been focused on travelling, riding, and spreading the love of the sport. My goal isn’t to impress people on my bike, its a way of progressing and teaching myself how to be determined and achieve set goals. At the end of the day, if i’m not having fun on my bike I don’t stop riding, I change the way I do it.

Taking a rest by a giant

I self filmed a couple street and park edits for Spank bicycles early this season. “Spank bikes – Built for the Streets” and “Andrew Young – Spank Bikes”.

Steezin for lots of reezin

After these two videos, I worked on a small film project called “Rider’s for Life” which is just a small project to get people stoked on getting out.

Lurking the streets at night with AY...anything could happen

During the summer I travelled across the continent riding my downhill bike. I  just wanted to be on my bike, stress free. Unfortunately this meant no filming. When I got back, I was stoked to hook up with Dre Visuals to produce “Streets of Cowtown with Andrew Young”, a video showcasing my latest riding and my favourite street spots in town.

chop suey no hander
Its not the location that is the foundation for good riding, it’s hard work and motivation. If you want something bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen. I want to make Calgary an exciting place for everyone to ride their bike.

The feeling I get when I achieve something on my bike is total self gratification. My 2012 season was full of this feeling and its what keeps me getting out my door everyday. This is truly a season to celebrate.

Candie Co Clothing
Spank Bicycles


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