Summers Fall

Remember summer?

Cyclemob does.

In 2010 and 2011 Calgary enjoyed Indian Summers of epic proportions. In Calgary the snow fell Nov 19th and Drumheller was ridable into December.  This year the snow came a little earlier and let s just say its making me a little emotional…

Summers Fall

Summer spoils the fools,

Lips and Loam, our jewels.

Heed Ular, god of snow.

Trails FUBAR, spirits low.

Winter, our worst enemy.

Helpless, we try desperately.

Panic spreads. Retreating light.

For in the end we’ve lost this fight.

No surprise, we knew our fate.

Holding close the dreams of late.

Winter is here, try not to cry.

Forgetting what its like to fly.

Brisk and white. The scenery.

We’re forced to search our memory,

For moments that we take for granted.

Haunts until new tires are planted.

“Whistler bike park”, the shadow whispers.

Our hands discount and fade our blisters.

Heaven on Earth, the stage of magic,

Garnering hope in times as tragic.

Reflect, enjoy, the treasure. Bliss.

The trails that bring you summers kiss.

A dog days memory not to miss.

Sit back, enjoy, and reminisce




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