California Dream Team

0005_### (3)Words and Photos by Mike Brothers

0004_### (3)

0003_### (3)

1 RV, 5600 Kms, 5 bikes, 10 days, 2 tapes and 7 rolls of film. Top picture is  Shayne, Stephane and I in the mountains outside Calgary. The three blow were taken on day 2 when we stopped at Dry Falls,Washington. The worlds largest former-waterfall.


Omak, Washington McDonalds.

$1 coffee and free wifi. McDonald’s is the best place to Instagram while you are on a road trip. At this point we have become fully acquainted with life on the RV.

0016_19ASoap Lake, in  Grand Couplee, Washington.

Morning of day 3. Looking at Mount Shasta just after crossing the California boarder. There is a town named Weed at the base of Mt. Shasta. We got sandwiches  on in Weed.



Day one at Scotts Valley step up. Probably on of the biggest jumps I have hit and the best way to shake off cobwebs before riding any dirt jumps.


Ray George, dump three blasting.


0039_###Corbin Selfe, double whip.

0009_###Ray George and the Sunshine.


Luc contemplating the front flip whip. Stephane suffered a broken foot one week prior to this trip, and the step up was not on the list of things that felt nice. California is a warm place and staying hydrated was one of our top priorities.


0018_### (3)#1 hassle of occupying an RV: Where do you park it at night. The parking lot at Post Office seemed to obvious to pass up. Rain was a factor on day 3, we grabbed some burritos and coffee before heading to Ray’s jumps to dig.

0016_15The dirt here is pretty mind blowing to see. Nice mix of clay and sandy top soil. Definitely not aimless pick=axing through limestone looking for clay. We are really stoked to see some footage of this line when it is done.

0017_16Life at the Dolphins, a spider web of trees and manicured dirt. I think one of most inspiring things about visiting California and having Ray show us around was experiencing this lifestyle. It is obvious these guys dig a lot. Seeing this first hand really got us stoked for the spring thaw.


Breakfast at the Harbour.

0013_11ASanta Cruz.




Not every moment of the trip was spent riding bikes, after all this was a vacation.  Morning at New Brighton Beach State Park.


Our camp site at New Brighton Beach. I my opinion this was the best place we woke to. Partly because of the scenery and the views of the bay from the cliffs, and party because they had showers.

0022_### (2)0023_### (2)

Thursday evening was the first session we had at Post Office trails. Not exaggerating at all, these jumps are amazing. One of the biggest, most difficult, and technical set of jumps I have ever ridden.

0012_###Stephane Pelletier kicking out.

0002_### (2)0015_### (3)Stephane, and the sunset.

0011_###Shayne Saskoley table.These shots of Stephane and Shayne are the only two I have from Post Office. Unfortunately I shot an entire roll of film at Post Office on film that has not been developed since 2010.  If you every need a roll Kodak Kodachrome film check out CVS Drugmart in Scotts Valley, they wont disappoint.

0003_6AStephane, Tom, Luc, Shayne, and Corbin. This was taken Friday morning, after our last session. Bitter sweet moment for me.

0019_### (2)0008_### (2)Jumps on a cliff and Monterey Bay.

0012_### (2)Luc Wilson and I standing in the same spot saying thank you to California. Photo of me taken by Luc.

0016_### (2)0007_### (2)Shayne and Tom on the cliff.


Abandoned train tracks by the cliff jumps and the greatest American fast food I ate, In and Out Burger.
0013_### (3)

Pretty sad the trip was over. I could spend a month down there riding and exploring. I hear the DH is really spectacular. I hope to return with two bikes some day and revisit these spots.

I filmed a lot while we were riding and put together this video. Shout out to Ray George, and Tom Glaser and Keegan for the local hospitality, you guys are rad as fuck!


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